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Aaron Barr
Zola Jesus / Warsaw

WARNING / contains Strobe and Flashing Lights / will melt brain and eyeballs

please give me sixteen minutes of your time… sometimes you get to a point where the universe smiles and aligns you with the perfect muse to write a piece of programming you didn’t know you had in you. That muse, by way of the lovely Timothy Saccenti, connects you with Nika aka Zola Jesus.

Sunday June 14th as part of NorthsideFest Brooklyn I’ll be playing a new set of RealTime generative programming/animation with Zola Jesus built with processing.org + hypeframework.org + minim + GLSL + touchOSC + Syphon + Madmapper at Warsaw.

Timothy, thank you… my SubRosa family, thank you for letting me dig and claw to new and exciting places and incubating an environment of creativity… and Nika, a heart felt thank you for letting me express how your music feels to me visually… you’ve been an amazing collaborator.

audio : Zola Jesus / soundcloud.com/timeoutnewyork/after-the-fall-of-new-york-time-out-new-york-mix.